Something fishy

I love hats! It can spice up any outfit and it’s fun. I don’t wear them at all as much

as I would want. Mostly because it feels out of place and the fact that I’m not used

to it. In an effort to change that I’m making a few of my one. Probably easier to

wear them if I have more to choose from, at least that’s what I’m hoping.Fishy hat

I bought a base in a store at Etsy (don’t remember which one) along with some

orange veil. The fish I found at a craft store. Attaching and placing hats so they sit

just right is hard, at least to me. To get around that I cheat. I put a metal pin or

clip in my hair and then I attach the hat with help of a magnet that I glued to the

bottom of it. It makes it much easier to get it right, especially if you have to move it


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