Mmm, shea butter

Shea butterI made a batch of whipped shea butter before christmas and naturally gave some away as presents. Well, it turned out quite popular in one family and they ordered some more! I didn’t follow a recipe last time but I do remember the ingredients, so I tried to recreate the “miracle cream” of last time. I t turned out great! It literally melts on your skin.

For a batch of about 0,5 litres you will need: 250gr of shea butter (fairtrade of course), 1 dl of thistle oil, 0,5 dl of coconut oil, 3 capsel of vitamin E and essential oil of your choice ( I used bergamott and grape for this one).

Melt shea butter in a double boiler. When melted add thistle oil and coconut oil. When all melted, remove from double boiler and put in the fridge for about an hour. Poke holes in the capsules of vitamin E and add, along with you essential oils. Blend into glorious perfection. Excellent for dry spots and for your feet!

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