Chamomille infusion

ChamomilleI use a lot of jojoba oil when it comes to skincare, both when it comes to cleansing and moisturizing as you can read more about here. I thought I’d try a new thing – infusing it with chamomille flowers.  Chamomille is supposed to be good for sensitive skin like mine.

It’s not hard to infuse oil but it does take patience. I simply filled this small jar with flowers and then filled up with oil. You will propably have to add a little more oil after a few minutes due to the fact that the flowers soak some up. Make sure your jar is clean, that the flower are completely covered in oil so the infusion doesn’t go rancid and screw your lid on. Now the hard part – waiting! The ones I’ve done before with lavendar and coffee (not in the same jar – isch) I let sit for about two weeks, shaking the jar once a day. When the time is up, you strain your infusion to get rid of the flowers and – voila! Naturally scented oil , hopefully with the good properties of your flower or herb.

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