Embroidery (and dear friends)

ChairI have two dear friends who are also fellow crafters. Unfortunately I don’t get to see them as much as I would like

mostly due to distance. When we get together we talk, eat good food and of course we do some crafting projects.

In the time in between we have started to give out challenges and we each take turns deciding the theme. It can

be just about anything, just as long as it doesn’t require any special equipment. We have done wood, textile

storage and remake a clothing garment and a few others. This time it was my turn and I chose embroidery and I

had a project all lined up. The idea is from Recyclart. You simply get a hold of one of these chairs, grab some

thread and start doing some good old fashioned cross stitch in a pattern of your choice. I am tempted to do

another one with circles or perhaps squares – what’s your ideas?

embroidered chair



6 thoughts on “Embroidery (and dear friends)

  1. As soon as I saw the picture of that chair in the reader, I thought of cross stitch. I love the pattern you’ve stitched on it. The chair is totally transformed 🙂

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