Playing with the wind

First of all, I’m sorry I haven’t been around for a while. I’ve been having lot’s to do, including a trip to NY (yes I had a very nice time, thanks for asking). Now I’m back and it’s finally spring. For us that means getting the balcony ready and we decided on a theme for this year – wind. Lot’s of fun things to do!

The first project is a windsock or whatever it’s called. I used a hoop from an embroidery ring and a sheet that I tore into long pieces. I didn’t sew anything so the edges are quite rough and some threads do come of occasionally – I like it like that!

I wanted some color but not any chemicals. If you want to know more about ecological dying I recommend Eco colour by India Flint. For mine I used coffee, hibiscus, turmeric and green tea. I added some salt to the solutions ( to make the color stick a little better) and dipped the strips of fabric. One pair I just dipped for a light colour and one of each was soaked for about two hours for a deeper nuance. I hung them out to dry and then tied them to the hoop. The coffee, hibiscus and turmeric all created beautiful colors but the green was hard to acheive and it’s to weak. If i find something stronger I’ll probably dip them again – any suggestion is welcome! eco colorwind 1wind 2

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