Solid lotion bars

Solid lotion bars are really easy to make, if you want it to be. Of course you can get all fancy and throw a bunch of stuff in to the mix but all you need is three ingredients, one part butter (I usually go with shea), one part oil (mm, coconut) and one part bees wax. Melt it all down and pour into some molds, cupcake molds in silicone is what I use. Let it cool of and then you are ready to go! It is nice to add some fragrance so if you got some essential oil, put a few drops in there, just before you pour it into molds. You can also infuse the oil, but then you can’t do it on a whim. Infusing takes about 2 weeks so you got to plan a head (not my forte).

The other night I made theese from Crunchy Betty – lovely!Coffee solid lotion

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