Skull scarf

One of the biggest trends in crochet (at least in Sweden) right now is the skull scarf. I believe the original comes from Kungen & Majkis and on her blog the pattern is available in english as well. The problem with that pattern though is that you make the eyes separately and I just don’t have the patience for that. Another blogger, Camilla, made an improvement so you can do the eyes integrated and that’s the one I used. There’s a lot of pictures here so even if you don’t speak swedish you might be able to figure it out, especially in combination with the original tutorial in english.

I looked over my posts recently and a lot of them contain the words easy and fast. Well, tskull scarfskull close uphis is not fast and certainly not easy, at least not in the beginning. When you get about halfway through it you almost know it by heart- and we’re back to easy again!

The next crochet project will not be a scarf, I promise!

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