African flower coin purse

I recently came across the most gorgeous crochet pattern at Ravelry, the Happypotamus. It’s all made from different variations of the african flower. For once I decided to make a test flower before I went a head with the pattern, I usually skip doing swatches and such (too lazy). It wasn’t difficult at all so I made two and I can’t have them lying around so I made a coin purse.

This is what you need:

Two african flowers of your choice. I made two hexagons from Heidi Bear (who is also responsable for the Happypotamus and several other wonderful creatures)

Fabric for lining.

A button.

Crochet or stitch the two flowers together, leave one side open. Sew the lining and attach to the inside. Sew the button. Crochet a loop on the other side to close. Done! coin pursecoin purse

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