Play dough recipe

Small children need a lot of stuff to keep them occupied, especially during vacation time. We have had four weeks together as a family, no job, no preschool. It’s been amazing but also demanding. They like to run around, jumping of the couch, building things with all the pillows in the house, creating fences with chairs, and on and on.

Therefore it’s a nice break to have them sitting at a table, being relatively quiet, and create stuff. Bring on the play dough!


2 dl flour

1 dl salt

15 ml citric acid

15 ml olive oil

2 dl of water

Heat up the water and add your olive oil. For the pink clay I added 1 tablespoon of cranberry powder. For the brown one I used coffee instead of water. If you want yellow, use turmeric. Go wild in your pantry for more colors!play doughplay dough chair

Mix your flour, salt and citric acid in a bowl. Add the liquids and stir. Your play dough is done. It’s easy, cheap and has a nice feel to it. I usually keep it in the fridge and replace after about 2-3 months.



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