Dishcloth and scrubbie

If you have read a few posts of mine you have propably figured out that I try to do my part when it comes to the environment. I try to skip harmful chemicals, recycle, reuse and all sorts of things. In the kitchen the time has come for reusable dishcloths and scrubbies. After some research I decided to crochet (of course) in linen yarn, good at absorbing water and durable. What nobody told me whas that linen yarn is hard and coarse to work with. And the skein, how it loved to get tangled in a big mess. My first attempt was a waffle stitch dishcloth (not pictured) made with a single strand and small hook – it took forever!

Well, I wasn’t going to give up that easily. Next up, a spiral scrubbie ( pattern here). This time I used two strands and it was much nicer to work with. I used the same technique with the following dishcloth.

Do they work? I have yet to try the scrubbie but the dishcloths are excellent! I’ll guess I’ll have to stick it out, at least until the yarn runs out. But please do me a favor, if I ever start talking about making something else in linen yarn – hit me over the head.scrubbiedishcloth


2 thoughts on “Dishcloth and scrubbie

  1. I also do dishclothes of yarn 😀
    it looks nicer hanging in the kitchen, and it’s so nice having a lot of them so it’s always a clean one in the kitchen and the others in the laundry!

    I haven’t done anyone in 100% linen yet – maybe I shouldn’t x)

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