Saving an old chair

I have this chair that I inherited from my grandparents. It’s not a fancy antique chair but it is precious to me. I remember it from my childhood and the visits there. Today it’s worn, a few extra screws to keep it together has already found it’s way into the back, and now the fabric on the seat is wearing thin.  Even though I love the existing fabric I have to do something about it.

So, rumaging through my fabric stash I found an african inspired print that would be a good fit. I’m keeping the old fabric underneath, just for memory’s sake so the process is easy.

I just layed the seat on the fabric, cut around with about 5 centimetres extra since the fabric is fastened underneath. I don’t know the art of upholstery so I simply used a staple gun which works fine.  Stapled around, being careful with the corners so the fabric wouldn’t bubble and that’s about it.

Now I kan keep using my beautiful old chair, memories intact and the old fabric safely tucked away under this new wonderful print.

old chairstaplesnew chairprint



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