Pirate spyglass and halloween pirates

We’re going away for Halloween so we decided to put on our costumes early. paper roll

This year the theme was pirates! We didn’t pay to much attention to the

actual clothes, we simply used our trusted face paint kit and tied a scarf

around the littles ones heads. One accessory I did make was the spyglass.

I got hold of some cardboard rolls from the store , the ones that the plastic bags

are rolled up on. They were much steardier and harder than our toilet paper

rolls and perfect for the occasion.

You will need:

1 roll

gold paintmasked roll

black paint

mask tape

Start with the gold paint. I painted two wider fields of color on each

end of the roll and two narrow ones somewhere in between as

the picture shows.

When the color has dried, use mask or washi tape to mark where you

want to keep the gold. The areas not marked will be painted over with

black paint.

I didn’t have any acrylic black paint at home (oops) but I did have chalkboard

paint which actually turned out to work great. The matt black makes a pirate

great contrast to the gold.

I only needed to paint one layer of each color and both dried very fast so

I think I completed the spyglasses within 2 hours, doing the facepainting

while we were waiting.

Now we have the cutest pirates ever! Arrrrgh!




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